I designed a range of towels for Hammamas that were to be exclusively sold on Net-a-Porter for a limited time. We looked into fashion and print trends in order to being the project, coming up with quite a few different ideas that were eventually narrowed down to 4 sets.

I created fun little videos to help promote the towels on social media – in particular Instagram.

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Over the last year or so I have done a lot more drawing and hand lettering and am really enjoying it. I started off doing a course online which was really good, I then went on to practise drawing letters and also painting them using various different pens and brushes. My technique is getting much better and I now feel comfortable designing logos using these new skills. I have searched the web looking for inspiration. Obviously it really depends on the brand as to what type of letter to go for.

Here are some favourites of mine, I partcularly love the Loulou logo which immediately makes me want to go to that restaurant! I also love the simplicity of the Lonely logo and how it really seems to suit the word (also love the brand, check out the variation of models on their site).

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