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Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Rebellious and Surreal, Czech Daisies

I love a peculiar film and especially one that also looks amazing. Daisies (1967) certainly ticks both of those boxes. It was part of the Czech New Wave cinema of the time. Unhappy with the communist regime of the time, film makers used the media “to make the Czech people collectively aware that they were participants in a system of oppression and incompetence which had brutalized them all.”

The director Věra Chytilová wanted to get across the idea that people should stop worrying about offending each other and abiding by the law. Instead of following the rules, and living in a suffocating society, people should be rebelling and protesting in order to be heard. The film was actually banned upon its release in 1967 due to the films attitude towards wasting food.

I love the two main characters attitude to life, their ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude to everything and just doing what they want. Although perhaps not rules to follow day to day, its certainly a great reminder not to take everything to seriously and that pushing the rules can make for a better life.

The scenery, interiors and costumes and makeup are brilliant. Check out this great article from Another here plus more imagery. If you like this film, also try the Jaromil Jireš Valerie and her Weekend of Wonders. Equally surreal and stylish.


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Wiktor Górka – Polish Posters

Wiktor Górka was a Polish graphic designer who is said to have set up the so-called Polish School of Posters. The main principles of the school were: “simplicity and clarity, the use of concise symbols and poetic metaphors, as well as diverse means of expression.”

He designed nearly 300 posters mainly for the film industry. Below is a selection of my favourite.


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animated embroidery alphabet

New Site, New Blog

My old site has all gone, disappeared into cyberspace. It’s always good to refresh your online look. Website and creative trends change almost as quickly as fashion trends so it’s best not to get left behind. Plus I have gained more skills, gained more experience and been on loads of  great courses both offline and online. Hopefully after a few weeks, the site will be something I want to show off.