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Sassen Co – a fashion branding project

The brief for the branding project was simple, to create a modern, cool, fresh and fun look for the new fashion company Sassen Co.
The brand creates unique basics,  t-shirts, dresses, jumpers etc. They would need to reflect that, but also be eye catching enough to get the customers attention before noticing the subtle details of the clothing.

I chose to create a hand lettering style for the logo as I loved all the S’s in the name, and we wanted the Co to be a major part of the logo, rather tha n just added on at the end.

Unfortunately, after all the work and a happy client, we discovered a brand selling very similar things with a very similar name! so annoying!! the only thing we could do was to scrap this idea and move on.

I am keen to take on more branding projects of a similar nature, so if you are interested, get in touch!

I love to create small animated gifs and videos to go with the branding, a great way to introduce your brand on social media. Also great as a sneak peak, coming soon, a way to add mystery and intrigue to possible new customers.

fashion branding project


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